IRSES Meeting on Differential Geometry and Mechanics

Goals of the meeting

Members of the network are especially encouraged to attend the meeting. The meeting is also open to researchers that do not belong to the network. There will be slots for short contributed talks. See the registration details below.


The meeting will take place from Monday Jan 14, 2013 until Wednesday Jan 16, 2013 at the Department of Mathematics of Ghent University. See this page for directions to the department. On Tuesday afternoon there will be a meeting to discuss the progress and future of the Geometric Mechanics Network.
On Wednesday evening there will be a conference dinner in Club Het Pand. See here for directions.

Invited Speakers

See here for the abstracts of both the invited talks and the contributed talks.

Scientific and Organizing Committee


All participants are encouraged to make their own reservations. Below are a few suggestions:

Prices are indicative and possibly outdated. There is an additional city tax of € 2.50 per night per person.


Please send the following information to

Schedule of Tals

See here for the abstracts of both the invited talks and the contributed talks.

Monday Jan 14 Tuesday Jan 15 Wednesday Jan 16
8.30-10.00 Registration          
10.00-10.50 Martin de Diego 10.00-10.50 Rossi 10.00-10.50 Cendra
10.50-11.20 Coffee 10.50-11.20 Coffee 10.50-11.20 Coffee
11.20-12.10 Leok 11.20-12.10 Sarlet 11.20-12.10 Yoshimura
12.10-12.40 Vasylkevich 12.10-12.40 Bucataru 12.10-12.40 Gay-Balmaz
12.40-14.30 Lunch 12.40-14.30 Lunch 12.40-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.00 de Leon 14.30 IRSES Coordination Meeting     14.30-15.00 Krupka
15.00-15.30 Waeyaert 15.00-15.30 Saunders
15.30-16.00 Coffee 15.30-16.00 Coffee 15.30-16.00 Coffee
16.00-16.30 Fasso 16.00-16.30 Vankerschaver
16.30-17.00 Alishah
17.00-17.30 Garcia-Torano
19.00 Conference Dinner


  • Hassan Alishah (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Ioan Bucataru (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania)
  • Frans Cantrijn (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Hernan Cendra (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)
  • Frederik De Keersmaeker (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Manuel de Leon (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
  • Francesco Fasso (University of Padova, Italy)
  • Francois Gay-Balmaz (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France)
  • Eduardo Garcia-Torano (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Monika Havelkova (University of Ostrava, Czech Rep)
  • Fernando Jimenez (Technical University Munchen, Germany)
  • Laszlo Kozma (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
  • Demeter Krupka (University of Ostrava and Lepage Research Institute, Czech Rep)
  • Bavo Langerock (BIRA, Belgium)
  • Melvin Leok (University of California, San Diego, USA)
  • David Martin de Diego (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
  • Tom Mestdag (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Olga Rossi (University of Ostrava, Czech Rep)
  • Willy Sarlet (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • David Saunders (University of Ostrava, Czech Rep)
  • Joris Vankerschaver (Imperial College, UK)
  • Sergiy Vasylkevych (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
  • Goedele Waeyaert (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Hiroaki Yoshimura (Waseda University, Japan)

Directions from Brussels Airport to Gent Sint-Pieters railway station

Go to the train station at Brussels airport (at level -1). Every 15 minutes there is a train to Bruxelles Midi. Get off and catch a train to Gent Sint-Pieters station. There are two trains each hour. Check this website for train schedules. Here are two possible schedules for Sunday Jan 13, 2013:

  • B Airport (Platform 3) - B Midi (Platform 17): 13.30 - 13.51, B Midi (Platform 15) - Gent SP: 14.05 - 14.36,
  • B Airport (Platform 1) - B Midi (Platform 12): 13.50 - 14.10, B Midi (Platform 16) - Gent SP: 14.26 - 14.57,

and so on, every hour. A single ticket (2nd class) costs € 14.10. If you return home on a weekday, there are direct trains from Gent Sint-Pieters to Brussels airport.


There are taxis waiting in front of Ghent Sint-Pieters station. Taxis (in Ghent) cost € 8 (incl. 1st 3 km) + € 2/km (from the 3rd km onwards).

Busses and trams

In principle, the drivers do not sell tickets. Buy a 10-trip ticket at one of the vending machines next to the tram or bus stops (even if you don't use them all, it will be cheaper than buying single tickets). You have to enter the card into the appropriate machine slot every time you step on a tram or bus.

This is a plan with the main bus and tram lines in Ghent. See here for a map of the bus and tram platforms in front of Ghent Sint Pieters railway station.

Directions to the workshop venue

  • From Hotel Castelnou: Walk 12 minutes to Gent Zuid Bus Station, Perron 9. See this map. Take bus nr 5 in the direction of `Zwijnaarde Hekers'. There is a bus every 15 minutes. Take (after 13 minutes) the stop at the University Hospital (Gent Universitair Ziekenhuis/ De Pintelaan). Walk to the Galglaan (see this map), and enter the campus through the gate. The building S25 is just on your right (or follow the signs to S25 on campus).

  • From any other hotel: It's probably a good idea to go back to Sint-Pieters Railway Station (tram nr 1 is a good option). In front of the main entrance to the station, you can take tram nr 4 in the direction of `Zwijnaarde' on (tram)perron 17. Get off at the 4th stop, named `De Pintelaan/ Gent UZ'. Follow the tram tracks back in the Galglaan, and enter the campus through the first gate on the left. The building S25 is just on your right (or follow the signs to S25 on campus).


The lectures will take place in lecture hall `Emmy Noether' of building S25. There is a computer, a projector and a blackboard. If you make a pdf-presentation, please bring it with you on a penn drive.

Warning for those who have visited our group before: The lectures do not take place in our `old' building (S9), but in our `new' building S25!

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